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Smokus Focus Eclipse Jar with Magnifying Glass and LED Light Display Glass Jar (Black or White)

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Behold the might and glory that is the 16 cubic inch Eclipse Jar. The jar features everything we loved from the wildly popular Middleman jar. It€™s been since re-engineered to fit today€™s highly sophisticated flower industry. Overall, Smokus Focus acts as the standard for other flower and cannabis display jars to compete with.

Versatile, this jar is appreciated in the Smokus Focus arsenal by retailers and consumer alike.

As this is the newest version of the model, massive improvements have been put into the jar. You can look forward to improved LED lighting, more enhanced magnification, tighter security compliance, and even USB-C charging!

All the new additions to the jar make it a top choice for those that like to show off their stash. The more subtle improvements are what offer the most significant increase in value, though. The newest security enhancements make the Smokus Focus Eclipse jars fully compliant in every known retail flower market.

Your herbs or collectibles will look magnificent on display with the sharp, eye-catching profile of the Eclipse jar. It€™s impressive crystal-clear dual magnification and recessed LED lights help you put on a show with your bud. Regardless of who you€™re showing it off to, the jar is sure to improve the overall aesthetic.

Better still is the scratch-resistant, acrylic glass and lockable lid of the Eclipse. The airtight silicon gasket keeps your product fresh and potent. Rugged enough to be thrown into the back of a car or bottom of a bag when you€™re off to your next adventure, the Eclipse jar can take a beating.

Its rechargeable lithium ion battery has a 12-hour life, with, again, convenient USB-C charging capability. The LED charging indicator light lets you know when its done charging, and you have a brilliant display jar that shines bright well into the night.

What€™s in the Box?

When you buy an Eclipse Jar you can expect:

  • Eclipse Jar
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie
  • Smokus Focus User Guide
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Tether not included- Sold Separately

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Available in:
  • Black
  • White