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OG Dome'd Twist Cap Vial - Organic Sustainable Cannabis Packaging - Child Resistant 22 Dram or 34 Dram - (1000 Count)

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Sustainable Cannabis Packaging is the must have for the marijuana packaging industry. Uniquely designed specifically for the cannabis industry, the tapered shape and wide mouth of OG Containers allows delicate flower material to be packaged efficiently without damage. Our containers are also perfect for pre-rolls, wrapped edibles, capsules and more.
OG Containers, an American owner and employee run company. Built with an eco-friendly ethics in mind; to lessen the carbon footprint of cannabis packaging.

Our Original Green containers are certified childproof, and engineered specifically with the cannabis industry in mind. We offer sustainable containers in the 22 and 34 DRAM sizes which have concave tops to allow extra room for the flower.

OG containers are bio-sourced, meaning they are made with ingredients that come from our Earth! The best part? Our containers with degrade naturally in about a year€™s time, which is a fraction of the 1000 years it takes plastic to decompose.

We believe OG containers are a step in the right direction with a small footprint left behind. 
  • Degrades with exposure to light & humidity. 
  • 1000 Count - 22 Dram - Holds 7 Grams*
  • 1000 Count - 34 Dram - Holds 14 Grams*   
  • Made in America
  • These bottles meet the standards of the ASTM and are CPSC child resistant certified.
  • The same security as a plastic pop-top, with less environmental impact.<br>
  • Works great for Pre-Roll bundles
  • Opaque
  • Exceeds Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) child-resistant certification of protocols and standards
  • Vial does not have anything printed on lid.
OG Containers are made from a proprietary bio-polymer material from SEQu. Our packaging is manufactured domestically in Oregon, USA to ensure consistent availability and create employment in our community.

The current material is composed primarily of starch and hemp bio-polymers.
Every pound of standard plastic packaging replaced by OG Containers saves TWO POUNDS of carbon from the atmosphere.

This proprietary material has been developed to degrade in an ambient environment with exposure to sunlight and humidity, so even if disposed of improperly, our packaging will not become a permanent roadside eyesore.
Choose containers that demonstrate your commitment to the environment instead of leaving a legacy of plastic waste with your brand on it.
We know safety and compliance are critical to our customers. OG Containers are Certified Child Resistant: CFR Title 16 Part 1700.

For our Oregon customers, OG Containers are on the OLCC's pre-approved packaging list for Resealable, Continually Child-Resistant Packages:
Package # 0000004596
License # 1003433A4EA
*Depending on flower density