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Top Trends in Cannabis Branding and Packaging

Top Trends in Cannabis Branding and Packaging

The legalization of cannabis has companies scrambling to figure out how they are going to keep up with the demand. With so many new products and brands popping up all over the place, it can be a little overwhelming for consumers. 

The cannabis industry is quickly evolving. With an increased demand for high-quality products, companies are investing in new branding and packaging to keep up with their competition. 

The evolution of cannabis branding and cannabis packaging is a fascinating study of the power of design and marketing. Not only does it affect how consumers feel about their purchase, but also how they choose which product to buy from among all the different choices on dispensary shelves. 

A well-designed package can help convince people that one brand's weed is better than another’s or even make them forget what they were there for in the first place! The legalization movement has opened up an interesting new space for designers who are trying to capture this emerging market with creative solutions.

Leafy Imagery

What makes a cannabis company stand out? Are they just selling weed, or are they a lifestyle brand with products to match? One of the most important aspects is imagery. The way your company's logo looks on its packaging and marketing materials can make all the difference between success and failure. 

So how do you design an eye-catching logo for your business? You use leafy imagery! Leafy images represent nature, growth, life, and love - all things that many consumers look for in their cannabis experience.

What do you think of when you see a leaf? Fall, Thanksgiving, and the color green. Cannabis is no different. From the cannabis plant to branding to packaging, leaves are present in almost every aspect of this budding industry. 

Leafy imagery is prevalent in the branding and packaging of cannabis products, but what does it mean? The use of leaves in these contexts can be traced back to ancient times when they were used as a symbol for peace. 

Cannabis is a plant with many purposes, and its leaves are just as versatile. The cannabis leaf has been used in branding and packaging for centuries, long before it became popular to use on modern recreations of the cannabis leaf logo. Cannabis leaves have always held a special significance in our culture; they represent life, nature, rebirth, prosperity, and good luck. 

Green in Color and in Ethos

We are living in a time of great change, and the cannabis industry is no exception. As legalization spreads across the country and more and more people are using cannabis for medicinal purposes, there has never been a better time to be creative with your branding. 

Cannabis companies have been turning to green-focused branding from day one as it symbolizes both nature and healthful living. Now that they can finally use their own packaging design without fear of legal repercussions, many brands have gone even further by designing packages that illustrate these values through color schemes or product imagery. 

Green in color and in ethos, cannabis branding and packaging is on a mission to decouple the stigma of marijuana, making it more accessible for anyone that may have an interest. Cannabis dispensaries are popping up all over the place as legalization has been passed by many states. 

In the cannabis industry, there is a lot of green. The color green is ubiquitous in branding and packaging for this industry. Why? It’s because green has been associated with wealth, growth, and fertility for centuries as a symbol of prosperity. Cannabis culture often associates it with peace and natural beauty - which are ideals that align well with those who grow cannabis or use it medicinally to find relief from pain or anxiety.


The cannabis industry is quickly becoming a booming business. With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada and growing acceptance worldwide, there has never been a better time to get involved with this burgeoning market. 

Dispensaries are often designed with the customer in mind, with bright colors and creative names that attract attention. As legalization has increased, so has competition within the cannabis market. With this increase of competition comes a need for more innovative ways to stand out from the rest of the pack. 

Cannabis is a plant that can be used to alleviate many health problems. In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute, there are over 100 different types of cancer that cannabis may help with! These benefits have led to more and more people turning to cannabis as their first-line treatment for diseases such as PTSD or chronic pain. However, finding information about specific strains and products can be difficult when you're not an expert in this field.


Branding and packaging are an important part of any business. Cannabis is no different, but it does have some unique challenges in the branding world. Marijuana comes with a lot of stigma from its use as a recreational drug, so it's important to keep things minimal when designing for this industry.

The legalization of cannabis has generated a new industry. The branding and packaging of cannabis products are becoming increasingly important as consumers are more conscious about what they purchase. Companies need to be mindful that their designs do not go too far in order to avoid turning off potential customers. 

When it comes to cannabis branding and packaging, the less is more approach may be your best bet. In recent years, we've seen a surge in companies that are going all-out when it comes to their packaging and branding - but is this what you want? 

There's an overwhelming number of options out there for how you can package and market your product. Do you want something with a lot of colors? How about holographic designs or gloss finish? Maybe branded glassware or metal tins will work better for you. Whatever type of design style appeals most to you as a business owner, make sure that it also works well for your target audience. 


Cannabis branding and packaging is a tricky business. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the number of branding opportunities available to entrepreneurs. However, with this opportunity comes risk. The cannabis industry also has some strict regulations that must be followed in order for products to be shipped across state lines legally, as well as many other complex restrictions that can make it difficult for businesses looking to enter this market from scratch. 

One of the most important considerations for brands is to ensure that their products are easily recognizable to consumers. With changing regulations, it's always best to consult with an expert before finalizing your product design or naming, as some states have stricter rules than others about what can be included on packaging labels.

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